Products FAQ

I'm purchasing an item as a gift, is there a wrapping option?
At this moment we don't offer gift wrapping, special packaging options or personalized notes with messages, but our Premium Packaging is ideal for gifting.
Do you sell metal-free products?
Because metals are a common type of material that people are sensitive to, we constantly have in stock variations of products that do not contain metal parts on areas that will have contact with skin. These variations, when in stock, are also shipped to customers who have not disclosed to us known allergies, so our available inventory where all orders are fulfilled from includes them. You can email us at to inquire about availability.
I am sensitive to certain materials, where can I find the material composition of your products?
We are unable to provide at this moment the quantity of materials used to manufacture the products we sell, we would advise you not to go though with your purchase to avoid the risk of having an allergic reaction.
I don’t know if the size of the product will fit me, how can I be sure that it will be comfortable?
Because fit is a personal preference, two people with the same characteristic might find the same size to fit different on them, based on their own definition of comfort. Approximate measurements are provided on our product pages, but please reach out to us at and we will do our best to assist you in choosing the right size.
How accurate is the representation of your products’ colors that I am looking at online?
We take our pictures in a light-controlled setting and work with calibrated monitors, but display settings and filters on your screen might make colors be perceived different that how they look in person; also, products of same color may differ from each other in hue, saturation and/or brightness due to the characteristics of their materials and manufacturing process.