Honeycomb Workshop's Etsy shop policies

In addition to any explanation contained on this Description regarding how to place an order, the pictures included on this product listing may show specific guidelines which are to be considered as part of a set of Instructions required to be followed to place an order.

The Live Preview feature found on our website, which allows you to see the final design even as text is being typed, is not found here on Etsy and no proofs, mockups, or design previews are sent before or after placing an order; you can contact us before ordering about how a specific letter might look on a certain monogram style.

Emojis and other copyrighted or trademarked designs won’t be engraved.

Designs and colors shown in our pictures are just examples and are not necessary offered through this listing; designs and colors offered for sale are expressly identified as Available on their respective availability pictures.

Engravings are not painted or color-filled; the outcome of laser engraving is as shown or mentioned on our pictures.

Designs are only offered to be engraved on a product with the orientation shown on our pictures, and this won't be modified for any reason on orders placed here on Etsy because Custom Orders are not offered on this shop/platform; please contact us before placing your order so we can tell you how to complete your purchase if a different orientation is wanted.

Actual placement/sizing of a design on a product may vary slightly from how it's shown on our pictures or from one product to another; while not significantly, designs may be engraved off-center to some degree, and it’s considered an acceptable outcome on our production process.

If the selection and/or personalization information provided on an order is incomplete in accordance with our instructions/guidelines, we’ll apply any defaults established on the product listing, and if this is not enough to comply with our guidelines, no design will be engraved.

Buying from a specific product listing isn’t a request to engrave a design or to use a specific font/style, even if they are mentioned on the title or shown on the thumbnail picture; if a design is automatically engraved without request, it will be specified on the listing, otherwise the buyer will need to request its engraving.

Buyers are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided; if a mistake is made on an order due to a description/instruction not been read, followed, or understood, no refund will be issued, and no discount should be expected for placing a new order. At our sole discretion we may authorize a replacement or discount to buyers who, instead of putting the blame on the shop, acknowledge their mistake and approach us in the same polite and respectful way we address our customers.

Courtesy replacements/discounts are not processed on Etsy, since they constitute a service provided by a department that is separate from the workforce dedicated to this Etsy shop; customers will put in contact with the corresponding members of our team who will process the new order directly.

Here on Etsy, we only engrave designs offered in our product listings, and each one has its own designs, so they can't be mixed-n-matched. To create a different design combination please visit our website.

Designs offered to be engraved on a specific item will not be engraved on a different one.

With exception of Names and Monogram, designs are engraved exactly as they are shown, so a request to modify, customize, or alter any design will be denied, as that constitutes a Custom Order.

Designs and/fonts offered on our own website are not available to be engraved on items purchased on Etsy, each store has its own offerings/inventory and are treated separately.

Inquiries about Custom Orders are handled by the corresponding department reachable through the chat located on our website.

Regarding products meant to be worn or manually handled, two people with the same characteristics might find the same item/size to fit different on them based on their own definition of comfort because fit is a personal preference.

Approximate measurements may be provided on our product pages as guidelines (exact measurement can fluctuate from one production batch to another), please reach out to us so we can better assist you in choosing the right size for your product.

Computer monitors and device's screens can display colors different than how they were intended to be shown and how they look like in person; we can't guarantee that the colors you see on your screen accurately portrays the true color of a product.

Different products with the same color name may differ from each other in hue, saturation and/or brightness; a particular color can have a different shade from one production batch to another, and this variation is not considered a defect, imperfection, misrepresentation, false advertisement, or inaccurate description.

To give more certainty to your buying decision, we can provide the color codes used to create our color swatches, which came from the result of a color scan performed on our products; alternatively, a color scan of our current inventory can be requested directly on our website.

On color guides where the actual product is shown, we made every effort to provide the most accurate representation of colors by taking photographs on a light-controlled setting and using calibrated equipment.

No replacements or refunds will be provided due to expecting a different shade of a color; if you are not comfortable by this disclaimer and/or our shop policies, please abstain from purchasing from us because by placing an order you agree to the previous statements.

The color of hardware and other elements of a product for which no options are provided may vary from what is shown in our pictures and is not to be considered as part of the description of the item being advertised; for exact specifications of the items currently on our inventory please contact us before placing an order.

Metals are a common type of material that people are sensitive to, so we constantly have in stock variations of products that do not contain metal parts on areas that will have contact with skin. These variations, when in stock, are also shipped to customers who have not disclosed to us known allergies, so our available inventory where all orders are fulfilled from includes them. You contact to inquire about availability before placing an order.

Because we are unable to provide the exact quantity of materials used to manufacture the products we sell, we would advise customers not to go through with their purchase to avoid the risk of having an allergic reaction, since we don’t take on the responsibility of providing allergen-free products or assume any related risk.

The material composition of hardware and other elements of a product for which no options are provided may vary from what is shown in our pictures and is not to be considered as part of the description of the item being advertised; for exact specifications of the items currently on our inventory please contact us before placing an order.

Appearance and characteristics of wood used in product photography may vary from the finished product; due to its nature, wood products will differ one from another, with variations of color, texture, grain and knots (which can be revealed in the manufacturing process), and are not to be considered a manufacturing defect, misrepresentation, or false advertisement, as it is an expected outcome in the manufacturing process.

Due to production processes and handling, metal on items like the frame of keychains may have small scuffs or scratches, but this is not to be considered an imperfection and should be expected; this does not interfere with the advertised use of the item being sold.

Due to production processes and heat applied when engraving, silicone on items like bottle openers may appear to be deformed and not flat, but this is not to be considered an imperfection and should be expected; this does not interfere with the advertised use of the item being sold.

Unless otherwise stated on these policies, ALL communications regarding inquiries of products offered on Etsy, and orders placed on this platform, will be handled through Etsy's messaging system without exceptions. Email inbox is not checked and "Notes to seller" at checkout are not read (unfortunately that section can't be removed).

Questions asked in the actual order may not be answered, as they are overseen by the production team, so they should be asked before the order is placed, that is why we advise customers not to leave any note at checkout and we encourage them to send us a message prior to placing an order.

Buyers are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, which will be used to fulfill their orders according to our guidelines, and there should be no expectation that we will reach out to them for any clarification; please take the time to read any Instructions provided on the product listing and contact us regarding any questions.

Because we only offer here on Etsy products for sale, and not services, customers will be directed to our website to pay for any of the following fees:

• Change of Address / shipping to multiple addresses
• Shipping & Handling, to retrieve and ship a package delivered to our return address
• Modification of products, designs, and/or engraving instructions.
• Special packaging requests regarding separation and identification of items
• Rush or expedite processing
• Inventory holds and pre-orders

As soon as an order gets placed, a multi-step process is initiated on our end, that is why no modifications or cancellations are allowed at any point, regardless of when an order is placed and when the request is done. Please review your order before placing it to ensure that our guidelines have been followed and that it complies with our policies, and if you have any doubt let us know.

All sales are final; therefore, they can’t be canceled, edited or refunded for any reason (even if placed by mistake or the request is done immediately after the order is placed).

Due to the nature of the items we sell, we don’t allow for them to be exchanged or returned.

Packages returned to us (for any reason) will not be retrieved from our return address unless shipping + handling ($8 + an additional $4 for every $25 of order value) to retrieve them and send back has been paid by the buyer; items will be disposed if the fee is not paid after 10 days of being delivered to our return address; it is the buyer’s responsibility to continue tracking the package and let us know once it has been delivered.

We reserve the right to refuse service and/or cancel any order.

We don’t ship packages outside of USA, even if the address is an APO, FPO, or similar; a new address will need to be provided, but no additional fees will be charged.

Please make sure to review your order before placing it, including the address to where the items purchased will be sent, because packages will not be shipped to a different address than the one contained in the order.

When paying with PayPal®, Apple Pay®, or other digital wallet, Etsy may not prompt you to choose a shipping address and instead will take the one set as default on that payment service, so the address must be changed on the account prior to placing the order.

If a Change of Address is needed/requested, a corresponding fee of $5.00 (or $9.00 if the shipping label has already been purchased) must be paid, even if the request is made seconds after the order is placed. We are not responsible for packages lost or delivered later than expected due to not paying for a change of address; our only responsibility is to ship items to the address on an order. Alternatively, you can reach out to USPS directly and provide them with your tracking number so they can reroute your package.

Packages returned to us by USPS (for any reason) or by the buyer/recipient, will not be retrieved from our return address unless shipping + handling fees to retrieve them and ship again have been paid by the buyer ($8 + an additional $4 for every $25 of order value); items will be disposed if the fee is not paid after 10 days of being delivered to our return address; we won't track the package, the buyer will.

Orders are fulfilled chronologically and in batches, and are not shipped individually, so they may go out of our workshop on a different day than when they are marked as completed but are guaranteed to be at the postal office by the deadline indicated on the product listing at the time of purchase, which can also be found in the order confirmation email sent by Etsy.

Printing a shipping label ahead of time not only indicates that your order has been completed, but it also helps expedite the fulfillment process by having everything ready for the next shipping run.

Standard shipping method is USPS Ground Advantage; optional USPS Priority Mail service can be paid at checkout. If you want a product to be shipped with a different shipping carrier, then the order must be placed directly on our website, and we must be contacted prior to placing an order.

At our discretion, separate orders going to the same address might be shipped on the same package, and no refund of shipping charges should be expected as shipping and handling is still performed regardless of how many packages are being sent; we can’t guarantee that separate orders will be processed and shipped together.

We stand behind our processing times and will continue with our record of having 100% of orders shipped by our promised date, but please bear in mind that shipping and delivery are two separate steps of a fulfillment process, and that delivery times provided by Etsy or USPS are just estimates and not guaranteed dates; we have no control of delivery; therefore, we can't guarantee that your purchase will be delivered by a certain date, only that we will ship it on time. Buyer assumes all risks related to shipping and delivery of their purchases,

Please reach out to us if it’s been 5 business days since your package was shipped and its tracking status is stuck at Pre-transit without further update. We may print shipping labels ahead of time without claiming that packages have already been dropped off to the postal office, although they might have already left our workshop, for this reason please don’t count days from when a label was purchased, but rather from our deadline, that way we are all sure that the packages has been dropped.

If you have a shipping/delivery issue including, but not limited to, delays, undeliverable and misdelivered packages, damage while in transit, and lost or stolen packages, please address it directly with USPS; we may help providing information to support a claim with USPS or police report, but we will not submit or file those as that is the buyer’s responsibility.

Shipping insurance is provided by USPS, up to the limits advertised by them, when Priority Mail is selected as shipping method at checkout.

We don’t offer additional shipping insurance like we do on our website, so packages are shipped uninsured when standard shipping method is selected at checkout.